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  • Monte-Carlo Fashion Week


No Waste Fashion is an up-cycling event and sustainable fashion show, hosted by Stars'N'Bars Eco Hub, Chambre Monegasque de la Mode and LuxSeaTex.

The No Waste Fashion event took place in Monte Carlo on November 17th, 2019 during the European week for Waste Reduction.

Featuring a sustainable fashion show, a free "No Waste" shop and upcycling sewing lessons, the event was an opportunity to educate the community about how to reduce waste, and support sustainable fashion startups. Did you know that fashion is the #2 polluting industry on earth behind oil and gas?

During the event, the public was invited to bring clothing they din't want anymore that is of good quality, but maybe isn't fashionable anymore, or just doesn't fit right. All the items collected went directly to our free "No Waste Shop," where participants were encouraged to take freely anything they liked to give new life to old clothes instead of sending them to the landfill.

Volunteer seamstresses thought people how to repair, refashion, and up-cycle items. And at the end of the event, an up-cycled outfit competition was held, judged by the fashion designers.

The Sustainable Fashion Show, organized by the Chambre Monégasque de la Mode (CMM), presented the sustainable collections of Beach & Cashmere Monaco and Inessa Creations. Consciousness fashion was at the center of the collaboration and fashion show of the two moneegasque brands who are part of the Monaco Fashion Council (CMM). It shows how fashion plays a key-role into the sustainable field in order to raise awareness and translate the values of Monaco.

BEACH & CASHMERE MONACO is a Monégasque fashion house established in 2005 by Federica Nardoni Spinetta, who is also the President and Founder of the Chambre Monégasque de la Mode and the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week.

The brand produces swimwear, pret-a-porter womenwear and accessories, reflecting the creative spirit of the Monte-Carlo chic attitude: luxury articles appreciated for their style, elegance and glamour. The sustainable collection featured is a capsule collection born mixing three different collections:

- the SAVE THE NATURE collection, inspired by the beauty of the nature and the wildlife to raise awareness to protect the wildlife, such as lions, tigers, or the arctic wildlife. - the SAVE THE OCEAN - SAVE THE REEF collection, whose message is: «We love our ocean and we have to save it from pollution!»

- the ØW collection for the ZERO WASTE PROJECT: dedicated expressly to raise awareness by using up-cycling materials such as textile samples patterns who normally are waste materials. The collection uses sustainable materials, such us organic cotton, sustainable silk and cashmere as well as recycled fish net or sample patterns and fabrics. The outfits are painted by hand by Federica Nardoni Spinetta.

INESSA CREATIONS was created in 2019 by Inès Bensalah, multiple awards winner, polyvalent and visionary artist, known for using her talents to create emotional and iconic pieces. This futuristic brand aims to highlight the inner strength of those who will wear one of the creations.

By developing a line of unique handmade pieces, she gives a new life to the clothes, but also reveals the values and dreams of its customers by transforming words and ideas into colors and patterns. That is why, for the European 0 waste week, Inessa Creations Monaco collaborated with the Monégasque Red Cross in order to show how you can reuse and recycle in a glamorous and creative way without any waste, the clothes that the Red Cross is giving to people in need. Through this collaboration, the value of the «HUMAN Fashion» and sustainable fashion take all its sense ! « Against waste, you can recycle, reuse and also donate to the people in need ! You ar(t) the creator ! »

The collection will be composed by 12 outfits for men and women.

During the day will be featured also two outfits of Lava Copenhagen using LuxSeaTex fabric, to showcases how recycled fabric can be luxury. One is made of 100% recycled sea nets made of nylon. The other is 50% plastic bottle and 50% sustainable sourced organic cotton.


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